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Coastal Satellite Imagery

ACEF has acquired a series of satellite remote sensing products from the WorldView 2 satellite. The WorldView 2 sensor provides a total of 8 multispectral bands and a panchromatic band. The coastal band (400-450nm) enables its use in vegetation identification and bathymetric studies. ACEF, in conjunction with the eReefs project, is working on using this data to produce high quality maps of benthic habitats.

WorldView 2 provides very high resolution (0.5m) data. This data for the tiles below can be made available by partnering with ACEF and CSIRO. Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more. A lower resolution dataset (10m) will be made available for general viewing.

 View the bounding boxes of all of the available imagery.


Acquisition Date


Arlington Reef 31-Aug-2012 -16.6478,146.0748
Arlington Reef 05-Aug-2013 -16.62042,145.98539
Cassini Island 13-May-2010 -13.94006,125.63734
Cockburn Reef 20-Sep-2013 -11.56405,143.36931
Cockburn Reef 20-Sep-2013 -11.65915,143.45133
Dingo Darley 16-Aug-2013 -19.11037,148.48491
Dingo Darley 16-Aug-2013 -19.1547,148.14049
Dingo Darley 16-Aug-2013 -19.12434,148.35717
Dingo Darley 16-Aug-2013 -19.14947,148.21378
East Holothuria Reef 05-May-2010 -13.58156,126.00377
East Holothuria Reef 05-May-2010 -13.59862,126.09138
Hamilton Island 27-May-2011 -20.45667,148.93193
Hardy Reef 29-Jul-2011 -19.71306,149.24628
Hastings 07-Jan-2011 -16.52965,145.98093
Heron Island 30-Oct-2011 -23.43591,151.96133
Hope Islands 13-Nov-2010 -15.85189,145.42043
Lord Howe Island 16-Jan-2010 -31.5508,159.03836
Lucinda 10-May-2011 -18.57306,146.34698
Martin Reef 13-Dec-2009 -14.81175,145.34379
Middleton Reef 21-Sep-2013 -29.44556,159.09157
Moore Reef 31-Aug-2012 -16.87556,146.21137
North Swains Reef 19-May-2010 -21.11531,152.51364
One Tree Reef 09-Sep-2012 -23.49838,152.05277
Seringapatam Reef 10-May-2010 -13.66284,122.01217
South Swains Reef 10-Jun-2010 -22.30269,152.71061
Sunshine Coast 12-Sep-2012 -26.43174,153.15085
Sunshine Coast 24-Sep-2013 -26.38592,153.06191
West Holothuria Reef 13-May-2010 -13.56901,125.7935