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Welcome to the Australian Coastal Ecosystems Facility

The Australian Coastal Ecosystems Facility (ACEF) collects and distributes key coastal datasets for use in policy and management decisions about the protection and use of Australia's coastal assets, both marine and freshwater.

ACEF aims to link past and ongoing research, future data collection, and the integration of knowledge by:

  • establishing a coastal community of practice to bring together researchers, managers, industry and the community to identify key coastal datasets, improve technologies, and identify funding opportunities;
  • identifying national datasets that need to be collected, and funding strategic research that addresses key gaps in datasets;
  • providing an overview of coastal research efforts and early findings around Australia, and
  • enabling better digital access to observational data, and to analysis and visualisation methods.


Search and browse coastal datasets.

Coastal Research Webportal

Access and contribute research project information

Coastal satellite imagery

Access to WorldView2 Imagery

Coastal satellite imagery

Access to shoreline videos and analytical data

Coastal Biological Data Recording System

Access to nesting beach data